About “Failure is obsolete”

Failure Is Obsolete reveals an easy to use formula for testing high-risk ideas in a low-risk environment, providing likelihood of success *before* you waste a lot of time and money moving in the wrong direction.Be confident in your success for business decisions from creating new products, hiring employees, and launching new marketing campaigns to everyday decisions like dating, and choosing a retirement home.The strategy discussed comes from the author’s years of experience in conversion rate optimization where he helps companies improve their websites and marketing funnels so they make more money. Failure Is Obsolete also reveals some of Rabhan’s best conversion techniques readers can use on their own websites.  


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  • How entrepreneurs and small businesses can use this simple formula to bring new ideas/products/services to market before the competition.
  • How to move FAST, and KNOW you’re going to succeed, avoiding wasted time and money on an idea you “think” is great.
  • Which conversion rate optimization techniques can improve the bottom line of any business with a website.

This strategy works for all sorts of decisions from hiring employees, developing products, launching a new website, choosing a career, deciding where to retire, even buying the perfect gift.

Here’s what people are saying on Amazon.com about Failure is Obsolete: Simple, Life-Changing Concept!

This book was a fast-paced, enjoyable read. It’s informative and enlightening. But, the power of it’s message really hits later…when, in the midst of business and life, I have found myself resolving dilemmas and making decisions based on it’s core principle, “test before you test.” My business partner and I both read this book a few weeks ago. Since them, we have literally quoted and referenced it almost daily! It is beginning to define the culture of our business…and seeping into our personal lives as we share the message with family and friends. It’s definitely worth the time to read…don’t miss it!

Relevant and helpful for entrepreneurs
This book describes a strategy for maximizing the chance of success in a new business venture while minimizing risk. The approach is quite straightforward and tactical, and different than anything I have read in any other business book. The information is approachable, even somewhat entertaining, so the book is an easy read. While I think the advice is spot-on for entrepreneurs, really anyone in business can benefit because even established companies need to come up with new products and services to stay relevant. If you are thinking of launching a new business venture, product or service, I would strongly suggest you invest in a copy of this book and follow the steps outlined. I’m convinced that you’ll save yourself a lot of money and grief.

Required reading for anyone involved in E-commerce.
This book is a must for anyone looking to start or improve their web-based business. The author has a way of simplifying difficult concepts and making them easy to understand. The book doesn’t skimp on the hard facts either, and gives one concrete suggestions for how to go about making their online business more successful, and more efficient. I am very glad I read this book before beginning my next project, and can’t wait to see the effect its changes have on my sales!!

Amazing Book – Could save you hundreds of thousands of $$$$
I just finished reading “Failure is Obsolete” – and I wish I had read this book years ago! It’s a quick read – easy to assimilate. But once you’ve read this book it will change your outlook on every new step & “risk” that you will take in the future – either as a business owner, entrepreneur, or even in your personal life. Just a quick example – after reading this book I was preparing to spend $160,000 to build a retirement home on a property I purchased 3 years ago. Decided to do a low cost test before proceeding – by living out on the property in an RV – just to make sure the commute is not too lengthy, that I truly am happy with the location, and that I really do want to go ahead with the $160,000 home cost. That is just a personal life example – but so many ways to put Benji’s strategy to work in business that I want to say to everyone reading this review BUY THIS BOOK! IT WILL SAVE YOU A BUNDLE!

Truly Innovative Ideas This book was not quite what I was expecting…in a very good way. The core idea of the book, Test Before You Test, is one that could save countless businesses and start-ups from blowing a lot of money on ideas and strategies that likely won’t succeed. The strategies and examples Benji shares with how to use this strategy are truly innovative and I have not heard them anywhere else. Whether applied to their professional or personal lives, readers are sure to get some great takeaways from this book.